Truffle of Laga

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The area of Monti della Laga, according to the experts, is one of the best mycological-turistic itineraries in Italy. The calcareous type of the soil and the natural environment, are rich of a great number of spontaneous vegetation and because of a non-invasive agricolture , it is perfect for the development and plantation of the truffles.

In general, the varieties are in line with the Italian ones with a prevalence of ‘black truffle’ and the finest ‘white truffle’ as known as Tuber Magnatum.

The black truffle (Tuber aestivum) is a type of truffle that we can find near the Oak trees (at low levels), under Hornbream tree and Hazelnut tree (in the piedmont areas) and under the Beech trees in the variety called Uninatum.

Italy is the only place in the word where the finest ‘white truffle’ grows. It can be found in marl and sandy soils and mainly, under spontaneous Beech trees and Willows trees near waterways.