Valle Siciliana

Valle Siciliana extends among splendid mountain landscapes and rivers and it boasts a gastronomy of excellence and suburbs rich in spirituality, art and traditions. Going up the Vomano and Mavone valleys there is, near Castel Castagna, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Ronzano and in S. Giovanni ad Insulam the rests of the homonym church with the attached abbatial structure, built between the XI and the XIII century.

Colledara is historically famous for the bond with Castrum Leonis Vallis Sicilianae, feudal castle and town center up to 1909, near the territorial Park sodden by Fiumetto river, from here it is reached Tossicia, ancient capital of the Sicilian Valley. A little far Azzinano, the country of the muraleses, with painted naif of country life and the games of once. Isola del Gran Sasso, place of prayer and spirituality, with the San Gabriele dell’Addolorata sanctuary, destination of pilgrimages from the whole world. Castelli, capital of the ceramics, among the most beautiful suburbs in Italy, land of specialized artisan shops in the ancient art of ceramic craftsmanship. The splendid church of St. Donato, with the marvelous ceiling, is defined the Sistina Chapel of the Italian maiolica.