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The "DiscoverTeramo" portal is the result of the excellent synergy between local actors and institutions for the integrated tourism promotion of our area.


The B.I.M. Consortium of Teramo want to say thanks those who have contributed to the editorial and photographic preparation of the portal.
A special thanks for the institutional collaboration of the Province of Teramo, which made the contents of its tourism database available to the C.A.I. of Teramo, sect. Gran Sasso d'Italia, for members' photos and itineraries for excursions, to the University of Teramo through its "E-Data" spin-off, to DMC Gran Sasso Laga and to Consorzio Punto Europa Teramo for the future implementation of the portal as part of the "Real Start" project.


For the kind collaboration we would like to thank: Bruno Amadio, Cesare Baiocco, Alessandro de Ruvo, Sandro Di Donatantonio, Federico Di Marco, Mario Orsini and Pietro Serrani for the photographic material granted; Luciano Ruggieri and all the staff of AbruzzoParks for the itineraries; the journalist Nicola Catenaro for the collaboration on the legends of Monti della Laga, Marianna Ronda, Francesca Di Egidio, Jacopo Befacchia and Gianluca Barbazza for the collaboration of the preparation of the contents of some sections of the portal and translations into English.


Thanks, finally, to all the 26 Municipalities of BIM that have well understood and shared the value of this initiative.