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The Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park awakes, in spring, the solitary and incomparables beauties of these places. Thousands of people cross it far and wide every year to fully enjoy the charm of one of the great wilderness areas of Italy. The mild spring temperatures are ideal for the itineraries of trekking in low altitude.


The landscape of Monti della Laga is full of valleys dug by rivers, fall, streams and lakes, there is also  a distinguished fauna such as chamois, bucks, roes, the brown bears marsicani, the grey wolfs and the royal eagles. The Park entertains around 20 different kind of birds that can be observed in various zones.


Spring is the perfect season to visit Teramo's suburbs, for example Civitella del Tronto with his characteristics “rue” (they are small dimensions roads , the most famous is la Ruetta, that is also the smallest one in Italy) and his monumental Fortezza, that offers, in spring,  scheduled visits, laboratories and shows of falconry with rapacious, royal eagles and wolves.

But there are many cities that deserve a to be visited, such as: Campli with the famous Scala Santa, made of by 28 steps in olive- wood; the Necropoli in Campovalano; the village of Pietracamela, made of stone water, air, snow, fires inside the fireplaces, silence and perfumes.


Autumn is also the best period for visit the chief town, Teramo, framed in the splendid and suggestive landscape of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, that confers majesty to the city. In the heart of the historical center it can be seen the Roman theater and amphitheater, San Berardo Cathedral, San Giovanni priory, civic museum, Delfico library and so much more.


A curiosity: this is the best period for the search of wild asparagus, russoles and the wild herbs that grow luxuriant in the hilly areas!