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Summer is the best season for visit and enjoy the area. In the mountain you can do everything: a day trip in Gran Sasso D’Italia mountain, to see Val Chiarino, Valle del Venacquaro  and the  Calderone, that is the southest glacier in Europe;  a field trip in Monti della Laga to visit majestic stream and waterfalls such as Morricana, Scalette, Volpara; a trip to Monti Gemelli that leads to Grotte del Salinello where the nature grows luxuriant inside a caves dug by the water, that recall a past of tradition, religious and pagan rites. The top of the mountains are rugged and rocky, indeed they are the ideal destination for whom want to hikings. The baseline is in Prati di Tivo,  where tourists can find  accommodation services, info points, bikes rental and restaurants. In summer time you can take long walks by horse, by bike or on foot, you can try paragliding, or a revitalizing journey in the woods thanks to Tree-camping suitable areas. From Prati di Tivo you can visit, on foot or by chair lift, the area of Madonnina del Gran Sasso, where is located the little statue of Virgin Mary, in which the tourist stop to pray before going to Rifugio Franchetti.


Other marvelous points to admire from near the mountain are Prato Selva, Isola del Gran Sasso and San Pietro, in which there is a environmental education centre, to learn about the local nature.


The area, in summer time,  is plenty of gastronomic  festivals, such as: Sagra del Tartufo in Campovalano and Sagra della Porchetta Italica in Campli in July;  in August there are arrosticini in Villa Petto, "pizzonde" in Ornano Grande, and there are also several festivals for the lovers of handcrafted beers in Castellalto, Civitella del Tronto and Notaresco.


But there isn’t only mountain and food in the area, there are also the famous long white and sandy beaches of Giulianova and Roseto degli Abruzzi. This two cities can provide both traditional culture and festival, such as the Madonna del Portosalvo festival, and events for the youngest.