Five points of strength

The territory of Discover Teramo contains 26 municipalities of the Catchment mountain basin Vomano-Tordino of Teramo. An ample portion of the province rich in nature, history, art, taste and culture. Here some good motive to know more from near this territory:

  1. From the mountain to the sea: all in the turn of about seventy kilometers! Do you know a lot of other regions that allow you to pass a morning on the peaks of the Appennino and conclude the day sipping an appetizer on an endless gilded beach? This is possible in the territory of Discover Teramo!
  2. Not only sea and mountain: don't forget that another undisputed point of strength of this portion of Abruzzo are the sweet and fertile hills of Teramo, ideal environment for the production of extravergine olive oil, that is at the base of the great dishes of  local gastronomic tradition, and of wines of good quality.
  3. Out of the most beaten destinations of mass tourism, there is a territory contained in the heart of the National Park of Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga to be explored. Here some of the most beautiful forests of the Center Italy, among firs, chestnut trees and secular beech trees: a real casket of biodiversity both vegetable and animal, with prairie where is possible to sight wolves, bucks, roes and wild boars. Here you will discover the last, fabulous rampart of wilderness to be protected.
  4. Desire of active vacation? Then Discover Teramo is what suit you better: from the "one day" itineraries to enjoy some views from the Calderone glacer to a sunset in sailboat, naturalistic trekking and crossed in mtb, discover the Vomano in Kayak, practise sport in quota in summer as of winter and as other opportunities of outdoor activities wait you for a vacation on which is forbidden to annoy!
  5. Suburbs & Taste: there is the embarrassment of the choice. If you are lovers of slow tourism, that knows how to enjoy some beauty, of traditions, of knowledge and of tastes, of the most authentic heart of a territory, DiscoverTeramo is the destination! In middle Italy, there are so many splendid suburbs to discover, with their baggage of cultural treasures, artistic, enogastronomic.