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By car
Along the abbeys streets
Around the IX there was a notable development of the Benedictine cult in the valleys Teramo, of  Tordino, of  Mavone and particularly in the valley of Vomano river where ...
By car By motorbike
Gli eremi of Gran Sasso
The itinerary will bring you to the discovery of three very suggestive hermitages (all placed in Isola del Gran Sasso), they are "places of the soul" absorbed in silence ...
By car By motorbike
The street of the Abbeys
This itinerary departs from Guardia Vomano, fraction of Notaresco, where you can visit Abbazia of San Clemente, reopened recently after restauration. The structure goes ...
By bike By car By motorbike
Torricella Sicura, Cortino, Rocca San Maria, Valle Castellana
If you have had the opportunity to cross the precedent itinerary from "Giulianova to Teramo" or if you are on the coast, we recommend you to continue the trip to ...
By car
Tra-monti Spirituali
Abruzzo is a populated earth of myths and legends, wild landscapes and spiritual places. The hermitages and the abbeys are numerous, all united by the sense of ...