Laga's Mountains

The Monti della Laga are the fifth mountainous group for height of the continental Appennino. The territory reenters inside the National Park of Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga.


The Teramo slope is covered in dense woods of beech tree. The characteristics grassy slopes of these mountains make the area ideal for pasture: indeed there are a lot of flocks that return on these mountains along the ancient cattle tracks in summer.


On the east end of Monti della Laga take place the Fiori Mountain that, together with the Mountain of Campli, form the so-called Gemelli Mountains, separate from the Salinello Throats. The territory of Valle Castellana is propped of small suburbs framed by a wild and luxuriant nature; near by the chief town there are Cesano, S. Vito, Vallinquina and Leofara. In the proximities the tourist place S. Giacomo, that is the ideal destination for lovers of outdoor activities; in Piselli mountain its present the winter station for the alpine ski and snowboard footsteps.


Pietralta and Morrice lead to Il Ceppo, the ideal place to spend one day outdoor in contact with nature: the secular beech trees of wood Martese, the marvelous falls of the Morricana and Cavata, up to the ample of Pizzo di Moscio. From Rocca Santa Maria through Paranesi, where is possible to taste the local mushrooms, cheeses and meats, to Torricella Sicura, with the Museum of Genti della Laga, that reconstructs the atmospheres of the country and pastoral civilization. The zone is marked for some typical productions: Genziana liquor, Pecorino cheese, mushrooms, potatoes and the appreciated Laga chestnuts.