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By bike
"Sulle tracce di nei Annibale”an itinerary of Monti della Laga
Departing from Crognaleto go toward Valle Vaccaro-Cervaro through road S.P. 45. You go beyond Valley Vaccaro crossroad and continue till the small suburb of Cervaro. ...
By bike
At the edge of the Kingdom: from Teramo to Monti della Laga
Departing from Teramo you cross the Piceno Aprutina, in direction of Ascoli Piceno. Later around 8 km you reach Campli  and the plain of Campovalano where there is the ...
By bike
By bicycle in Valle Siciliana
Starting from Montorio al Vomano (264 ms) toward Isola del Gran Sasso crossing S.S. 491. This area is pleasantly for cycling and the panorama improves it along the way. ...
On foot
Cima Alta e Montagnone da Cerchiara
This is a trip particularly recommended when snow arrives to bleach the lowest hills in Valle Siciliana. The perfect moment could be  after the passage of a cold Balkan ...
On foot
From Cesacastina to Valle delle Cento Fonti
From Cesacastina you take the road that climbs to Colle della Pietra up to Plain , overcome a sporting field  and turning to the left at the bridge is reached Fosso ...
On foot
From Castelli to Fondo della Salsa
From Castelli you can go to the near village of San Salvatore, situated to an altitude of 700 m.; from there you can start the excursion in which it is possible to ...
On horseback
From Ceppo to Cortino
Starting from Ceppo hostel (1330 ms.) take the path "dei boscaioli" and cross it in slope coasting Fosso della Cavata (where flows the waters of Tordino sources ). You ...
On foot
From Ceppo to Morricana falls
Departing from Ceppo, to take the road that enters into the wood. After 800 meters , overcome the camping. Here you can leave the car and  continue taking the road on ...
On foot
From Ceppo to Pizzo di Moscio
Departing from Ceppo, take the road that brings to the camping,  then take the road excavated afoot (the same that conducts to Morricana fall). Take Sentiero ...
On foot
From Cortino to Macchiatornella
The run begins in Cortino, from Fonte Spugna(1080 ms). Following a comfortable excavated road you reach the area of Cervo and Abetina of Cortino in which there are ...
On horseback
From Cortino to Monte Fanum
Departing from Cortino hostel (1050 ms)  take the path that cross Servillo, Pagliaroli and Collegilesco,  it conducts to the ford of  Tordino river near the old Mill of ...
On horseback
From Leofara to Ceppo
The excursion departs from Leofara (1074 ms), situated in Valle Castellana. Crossing an ancient path, used in Roman period  as "shortcut" of Salaria, you go toward the ...
On horseback
From Monte Fanum to Leofara
The excursion start from Fanum mountain (960 ms), ancient necropolis, and it finishes to Leofara, small and suggestive suburb in the heart of Monti della Laga.  Piola ...
On foot
From Nerito to Monte Cardito
From the church’s square of Nerito, by car, cross the road that climbs on the slant that dominate the country, it enters into the wood and reach a picnic area of ...
On foot
From Nerito to Paladini and Tottea
From the plaza of the church of Nerito follow the road that cross the country. To the first curve leave it, to follow to the left a road in slope, that ends after ...
On foot
From Pietracamela on Prati di Tivo
The field trip starts in Pietracamela, where you can stop to visit the Museo dell’Alpinismo, the rocky gym of aquilotti del Gran Sasso, and you can also admire the ...
On foot
From Prati di Tivo to Madonnina
Departing from Prati di Tivo square(1450 ms) you cross the road that brings to  Laghetta (1600 ms), dominated by the north side of Corno Piccolo and Corno Grande. From ...
On foot
From Prati di Tivo to Rifugio Garibaldi
It is a long itinerary, that start from Prati di Tivo(1450 ms.) and crosses one of the most beautiful valleys of Gran Sasso, to reach the Rifugio Garibaldi (2230 ms) The ...
On foot
From Prato Selva to Nerito
The excursion departs from the tourist place of Prato Selva, situated in Fano Adriano. Along the path it is possible  to enjoy some splendid view of Monti della Laga and ...
On foot
From Prato Selva to Rifugio del Monte
From Fano Adriano begins to walk passing beside a wood of beech trees where the first white trail signs are visible red. Then continue on the pastures holding the trail ...