The heart and soul of Teramo province

The ancient Interamnia, Farnese village and the Stronghold.

Teramo district has three important historical centers: the city of Teramo, the medieval suburb of Campli and the city-fortitude of Civitella del Tronto. Teramo is born from the rests of the Roman city of Interamnia: the theater, the amphitheater, the area of Madonna delle Grazie with the imposing sanctuary and the central site of Torre Bruciata where are visible the signs of the Santa Maria Aprutiensis Cathedral.

The Cathedral, masterpiece of Romanesque era, preserve the Paliotto d’argento. Campli, Farnese city, is a casket of civil and religious architecture, with top privilege of the Staircase Saint. Civitella del Tronto, an imposing Borbonic fortitude, one of the greatest fortresses in Europe, has passed to the history as the last rampart of the Kingdom in Naples to capitulate. It is one of the most beautiful suburbs in Italy. Interesting Museums grow rich the cultural offer of the three centers. Lovers of nature and outdoor activities can spend a day trip near Gole del Salinello, on the slopes of Monti Gemelli, in Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.