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In September and October the landscape turns yellow, orange and red: the foliage that can be seen from Monti della Laga mountain chains is the most amazing view, thanks to the secular chestnut trees. The autumn, with his colorfull landscape, is the protagonist in the month of October.


In Valle Castellana there is an event for the main speciality present locally, for example chestnuts, local cheese, arrosticini (a specific kind of meat pierce in a stick), polenta (a dish made of corns flour), and soup with beans, mushrooms and chestnuts. And after the hearty meal, the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park offers comfortable and modern accommodation to the tourists, where it can be seen the genuine landscape of the area.


In Seranica di Crognaleto there is also an event, where it is possible to taste dishes made of chestnuts ( the so called “lu ‘nzite”) and after that, it can be possible to visit the nearest village, famous for being, in the 14th century, an independent republic.


Not far from Crognaleto, there is Poggio Umbricchio, an important area where truffle grows spontaneously and in big quantities. Thanks to that the city hold every year in November a local festival the “Tuber Magnatum”.


An unmissable must see is Il Ceppo, located in Rocca Santa Maria, where it can be seen the majestic and unpolluted landscape of Bosco Martese. In this area, all year round, the green of the trees overlook the valley, that can be seen on foot, or by mountain bike. There is also a trail that leads to Morricana waterfalls and Orso lake.


In autumn we suggest to visit Castelli, a little village located on a rocky spur with cliffs, woods and rivers. The main attration of castelli are the Maioliche, an ancient art to make ceramic, well known around the world that is hailing from Middle Ages period. From Castelli you can climb to Monte Camicia, or go to Campo Imperatore the largest plain of the Appennino chain.