Five attractions not to be lost

There are uncountable places and monuments of interest on the territory all to discover. Inside the portal you can find a treatment detailed of the sites to visit every common of Discover Teramo, we absolutely propose here you some flowers to the buttonhole of the territory not to lose:

  1. The Fortitude of Civitella del Tronto: The Fortitude of Civitella del Tronto is one of the greatest and important works of Europe military engineering characterized by an elliptic form with an extension of 25.000 mqs of charm and history. Notable and suggestive is the panorama that you can enjoy  from the Fortitude such as Gran Sasso,  Laga,  Maiella, Gemelli Mountains up to the Adriatic Sea.
  2. The Staircase Saint of Campli: Situated behind Farnese Building, close to the fourteenth-century Church of San Paolo, the staircase is so denominated because in the 1772 Pope Clemente XIV attributed her a privilege: the 28 olive wood steps, to climb praying in knee with the lowered head, they give the absolution of sins to the believers and, in some days of the year, the Complete indulgence with the same value of that that can be gotten on the Staircase Saint in Rome.
  3. The "Sistina" of Maiolica:  the church of San Donato has been rechristened by Carlo Levi, it is situated in the splendid suburb of the ceramics, Castelli. It is unique for the Italian ceramic patrimony.
  4. The millennial abbey of Santa Maria di Ronzano: with a spectacular view of Gran Sasso, located in Castel Castagna, the millennial Abbey of Santa Maria di Ronzano, is an authentic jewel in style Romanesque-pugliese. The building belonged to the abbatial monastic complex of Benedictines order.
  5. Teramo gastronomy: another treasure to be discovered doing covers in the chief town, among a visit in the Cathedral and the rests of the Roman theater. A kitchen of long tradition that is characterized for elaborate preparation and from the definite taste as mazzarelle,  "virtue", chitarra teramana, scrippelles 'mbusse and timballo.