Why Discover Teramo?

The Abruzzo between seas and mountains is an earth of strong contrasts,  irreducible and particularly evident complexity on Teramo and Gran Sasso slope.  The sense of hospitality toward who arrives is connatural to this land, “we can say an island, crushed among an exemplary sea and mountains that it is not possible to ignore” says Ennio Flaiano. On purpose to offer an authentic experience of our territory, the Consorzio BIM has wanted to realize a marketing and territorial promotion project "Discover Teramo": a portal that wants to be handed of access to a territory rich in potentiality and to penetrate it in its deeper heart, from mountain to sea, valorizing its innumerable runs of nature, history, art, taste and culture that are unfolded in the 26 cities that make part of it. We want to give the opportunity to fully appreciate the territory that is rich of quality.

With DiscoverTeramo we have also start a trip, an adventure that we hope can involve other institutional actors in a net of promotion of our marvelous district, to increase the level of receptiveness more and more.

Meanwhile, I sincerely thank for the collaboration ours "trip companions": CAI Gran Sasso - Sezione Teramo, the University of Teramo, Provincia di Teramo and tour operator Abruzzo Parks.

President of "Consorzio BIM Teramo"