Five curiosities to discover

Discover Teramo is also a fascinating destination because it reserves so many curiosities and surprises. From the great baggage of traditions, rites, popular devotion, legends and local folklore we extrapolate some of it:

  1. The myth of the Giant that sleeps: Gran Sasso is also defined as the "Giant that sleeps." there is a fascinating legend that narrates how Maya, the most beautiful of the Pleiadi, ran away from the Frigia to bring in safe her only child Ermes, the giant  born by her relationship with Zeus. She went among Abruzzo mountains to look for a miraculous grass that would have been able to save her beloved child. But the mountain was covered by snow unfortunately, therefore every attempt of search was useless. Ermes died and Maya buried him there, where today, whoever still observes the east mountain, can recognize the profile of the "Giant that sleeps".
  2. The dance of Lacci D’Amore: there is an ancient propitiatory dance, still today practiced and diffused in the municipality of Penna Sant'Andrea and in the principal events of folklore. The "danza del laccio d’amore", is part of a vast liturgy of veneration of the arboreal divinities and propitiation of the fertility. It is one of the popular traditions more felt among the rural life.
  3. The source of miracles of Madonna dello Splendore: it is a well whose water, according to tradition, it would originate from a source that passes under the greatest altar on which is exposed, the Simulacro. Its waters are picked inside a small swimming pool, decorated with a splendid mosaic.
  4. The Sanctuary of San Gabriele dell’Addolorata and the tradition of the "100 days": the Sanctuary to the feet of Gran Sasso, is one of the most known in Italy and in Europe. Every year thousands of young people go there for pray. Every year,  students of the senior high schools of Abruzzo and Marche arrive here for a day of spirituality, to 100 days demanded by the examinations of maturity.
  5. The rite of the complete indulgence of  Madonna della Tibia: a small sanctuary of Madonna della Tibia rises on a spur rocky place to 1187 ms. From 1619, for concession of Giovanni Battista Viscounts it is granted an indulgence of one hundred days a year in the day of August 9, during which the believers are penetrated in the path accompanied by a torchlight procession.