The"ghost" suburbs of Teramo province

To west of Campli mountain and Fiori mountain there is a territory, in which the time seems to have stopped. It is located in the area of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, interested by a vast phenomenon of depopulation and by the presence of many completely abandoned suburbs. The barrenlands is in command: between brambles and woods it is possible to perceive the profile of ruins, abandoned houses, demolished churches, signs of an ancient civilization. There are many uninhabited suburbs here that deserve to be seen: Acquaratola, Serra, San Biagio, Tavolero and Martesi in Rocca Santa Maria. An abandoned fraction of Torricella Sicura is Valle Piola. Other suburb ghost known for have been put in sale on E-bay. Perhaps the most suggestive of Monti della Laga.


The greatest building, overlooking the church, has been restored in excellent way by the municipality of Torricella, within an ampler project of recovery of the beauties of the Park, and currently it entertains an absorbed bed&breakfast in the uncontaminated nature, first footstep for the realization of a diffused receptiveness on model of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Other suggestive suburbs, inside Valle Castellana, are Valle Pezzata, center of furious battles fought between brigands and the inhabitants of Vallenquina, set along the road that has allowed to access from Castel Manfrino for centuries, the fortification wanted by Manfredi di Svevia, of which today are visible only few ruins.