The tradition of embroidery and lace

The production of bobbin lace is the highest expression of the artistic craft of Abruzzo. The origin of this tradition still remains unsolved by historians and researchers, although in some cases it is due to the flow of Lombard workers registered in the region after the first half of the fifteenth century.


The tradition of embroidery and lace is still alive in some centers of Abruzzo, which ensure continuity of this art. In particular, in the Teramo area, the village of Canzano is known for its refined female craftsmanship. An art handed down for generations; when the women of Canzano were busy preparing the bridal trousseau, from their skilled hands were born artifacts of surprising beauty: tablecloths, towels, sheets, bedspreads, centerpieces, curtains, handkerchiefs and personal laundry. The word Canzano, "city of lace", is located in a plaque at the entrance to the town: here women are proud of their school of embroidery and lace where skilled and skilled teachers impart their knowledge. Every year, during the summer, there is the "Exhibition of Embroidery and Lace, Ancient and Modern" and there are numerous initiatives promoted by the local association "Ars et Labor" to pass on the art of embroidery to new generations.