The ritual of the "Dead Carnival" in Montorio

Ancient and unique tradition, the Dead Carnival is an integral part of the culture of the municipality of Montorio al Vomano. Every year, during the Carnival, the city is filled with visitors, rushed to participate, precisely because it expresses the identity and union of the community but the show does not end on Shrove Tuesday. The day of the Ashes closes the festivities the procession of the Dead Carnival, an ancient tradition, born in the late '20s on the initiative of some young people impatient to the regime and now counted among the "national excellence". A characteristic ritual, unique in its typicality, which re-proposes in a parodic key the funeral of the Carnival, to which the Montoriese honor with a goliardic spirit, staging a plot of village satire with masks dressed in mourning.


Follow the funeral procession through the streets of the historic center, behind the carnival coffin, and the solemn funeral in Piazza Orsini. The participants, on the occasion, give free rein to all the popular comic vein making good-natured satire, seasoned by improvised skits on local costumes and events that happened during the year, which involved the entire community of Montorio or referred to current national events . In the role of the dead a "spirit" character, which will give a humorous and unconventional interpretation. The city band will accompany the coffin, alternating funeral marches with songs of irreverent cheerfulness.


At the end of the journey, the dead Carnival resurrects among applauses, dances, castagnole and mulled wine offered to all participants by the organization, organized by the Proloco of the village.

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