The Laccio d'Amore, the dance that has its roots in prehistory

The dance of Laccio D'Amore has its origins in prehistory, part of a larger liturgy of veneration of the arboreal deities and propitiation of fertility. It is one of the most heartfelt popular traditions that cadence the rhythms of rural life in Abruzzo, through the most important stages such as the first love, engagement, marriage. Among the many popular dances, that of the Laccio D'Amore is undoubtedly the richest, from the point of view of scenography and symbolic implications. The dance opens with the arrival of the ten couples wearing a typical Abruzzese costume and passing under a long bow formed by girls shaking up tambourines and multicolored ribbons. The dance is intertwined around a pole stuck in the center of the square, at the top of which are fixed the 'laces of love', twenty long and colorful ribbons, held for the other head by the twenty dancers who, at the sound of 'ddu 'botte', a harmonic characteristic with two bass, start the dances that start from left to right, in loose pairs.


A dance made up of mimic allusions, of passionate looks, of explicit winking by male dancers to whom, initially, is opposed the reluctance of the girls who twirling try to make the boy of the heart understand that perhaps it is better to insist. The music is growing and the dance follows her; the dancers intensify the court, they rotate closer and closer to the beloved, gradually less and less backward, the laces of love intertwine. The dance ended in a frenetic tourbillon the "fired", which involves all those present. At Penna Sant'Andrea, the dance of Laccio d'Amore has remained rooted to this day. At the beginning of the 20th century the homonymous folk group was formed which introduced the dance all over the world. The typical dance, in fact, traditionally closes the Meeting of International Folklore, which has been taking place for over forty years at Penna Sant'Andrea in early August, with the participation of folk groups from all over the world.

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