Source of miracles of Madonna dello Splendore

In Giulianova there is a sanctuary, a little outside the province, the Sanctuary of Madonna dello Splendore. The particularity of this site is in a place hidden from the boundaries, almost secret, but rich of faith and spirituality. It is the Miraculous Source, that, according to tradition, it would originate from a source that  passes under the greatest altar in which is exposed, in a temple, the Simulacro. It seems that, it is the same appeared many years ago ahead to a farmer. The gentleman, named Bertolino, returning from job, decided to take some rest before reentering home. Shortly after, a strong light forced him to open eyes; in the middle of the light he saw the smiling face of the Virgo, that with joy, announced him to have chosen the city of Giulianova as place of construction of her Sanctuary. Bertolino, still inebriated by the vision, raced to report what happened to the governor, which, sent him away badly. The farmer didn't give up and the following day, at the same time he come up again on the place of the apparition. Once more the marvelous image of Madonna appeared in front of him; she encouraged and  transmitted him courage to face again the governor. Nevertheless, even this time he didn’t want to believe him and for good measure it submitted to two madmen the assignment to get rid of him. It was then that the Virgo appeared to the whole population. The governor, finally aware of the situation, pushed the citizens in procession up to the place designated by the saint, where they found a source of pure water. Bertolino, by now lifeless, was leaned in the source that made him immediately recover. Today the Source is still present on the place; its waters are picked inside a small swimming pool, decorated with a splendid blue mosaic. The pilgrims go there to look for a moment of reflection and prayer. It is symbol of grace and benediction from God and the Virgo Maria.