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A point of excellences of the province of Teramo is surely  the ‘Porchetta’: pork meat seasoned with herbs, spices and cooked more than 5 hours in a wood oven.
To eat in a sandwich or with a side of roasted potatoes, with a nice glass of red wine.
Porchetta is the dish that never miss the village festivals. The preparation of this dish is Art as well as an ancient tradition and every Chef jealously guards his recipe handed down exclusively from father to son for centuries.
The first historical news about the Porchetta date back to 1575 and we can find them in the Statutes of the City of Campli, historic place of the ‘Porchetta of Abruzzo’  as well as the town of Colledara.
For over 50 years, in the City of Campli has been celebrating "La Sagra della Porchetta italica" in which the "best porchetta of Italy" is awarded.