Mazzarelle teramane

This dish is based on lamb entrails, typical of the province of Teramo.


Cut the guts in the direction of their length, wash and rinse them accurately (for a complete cleaning it is recommended to flour and squeeze them at least three times). Once cleaned, proceed to a final rinse with water and vinegar.
Cut the ‘coratella’ (gut) into strips as much as a finger, add salt and rinse.
Chop the garlic, parsley and onion and keep them apart.
Take a lettuce leaf, put 3-4 strips of coratella in the middle and add a little bit of garlic onion and parsley. Wrap the lettuce with the filling and tie it with the guts. Once ready, let the mazzarelle drain and after that, cook them in a pot just with oil. When they start to fry, add half a glass of water with wine and wait until  it is absorbed. Repeat for another two times, than, add a little pinches of marjoram leaves and a touch of pepper. Serve exclusively hot. Enjoy your meal!
Cooking time: about 2 hours and a quarter.

Ingredients (for 6 people)
1 lamb's coratella (heart, liver and guts), 1 glass and ½ of wine, 1 glass and ½ of water, 1 small bunch of marjoram, 1 small bunch of fresh garlic (with leaves), 1 small bunch of parsley, some lettuce leaves, fresh onions, pepper (or chilli), flour and vinegar to taste, salt to taste.