Madonna della Tibia a Crognaleto

The devotion for Madonna della Tibia in Crognaleto reenters in the popular cult of the "sette Madonne sorelle." The small sanctuary rises on a spur rocky place to 1187 ms., above the inhabited center of Crognaleto. According to the tradition it is born from an ex-vote of a rich dealer, which, one day, going through the zone, it fell in a canyon and, fearing for its life, implored the Virgo to save him. The unlucky man not only had saves the life, but he went out from there with a simple fracture of the tibia. No longer after that, in honor of the miracle, it made erect the little church, that immediately became destination of pilgrimage. Inside it you can admire the whole beauty of the building, particularly a splendid baroque altar, that is the plain for the famous statue of Madonna della Tibia, a wood sculpture that represent the Madonna with Child. To it shall be assigned miraculous recoveries and powers of protection by calamities. From 1619, for concession of Giovanni Battista Viscounts it is granted an indulgence of one hundred days a year for every visit to the church in the day of August 9, during which the believers are penetrated in the path accompanied by a torchlight procession. At the end of it they participate in the suggestive Mass, absorbed in nature and in spirituality.