Madonna del Portosalvo

The Abruzzo is a region rich in culture and traditions, often tied up to the depth religious sense. A lot of cultural demonstrations have spiritual background. Among these we remember the celebration of Madonna Del Portosalvo, exciting moment, dear to population and navy. The demonstration develops on the waterfront of Giulianova, usually in the first weeks of August. Nowdays the fishermen don't give up on participating at it. Every year they hasten in many to admire the involving procession of the boats on the sea, the air is full of the sound of ship, mixed to songs of joy and prayer of believers, the look is abducted, before from the festoons predisposed for the occasion, then from the beauty of Madonna Del Portosalvo statue is escorted on the sea by board. The parade of the Virgin Saint becomes symbol of safety, for those whom plough the seas, for their families and for whoever search a definitive landing.