Li cillitte di Sand’Andonje (Uccelletti di Sant’Antonio)

For the mixture (amount for around 25-30 uccelletti): 1 glass of extravirgin olive oil, 1 glass of white wine, 00 flour as needed

For the filling: 1 pot of grape jam, dark chocolate chip, a hint of cinnamon, dry biscuits as needed

Preparation: prepare the flour 00 to fountain, then gradually pour oil and white wine while it is emphatically being mixed up to form a smooth and homogeneous brick. Let it rest for thirty minutes in a fresh place. Start to prepare the grape jam with pieces of melting dark chocolate and make to loosen to low flame together with the jam. Let it cool and add a cinnamon pinch and some dry biscuit to harden the stuffing. Take a small portion of the mixture, crush it and to widen well on the pastry board and set on the center a coffee teaspoon of stuffing. close the two extremities of the mix and start work with the hands to lengthen the two extremities and form the head and the tail of the bird. Then superficially shred the mix to define and decorate the bird and draw its feathers, the beak etc... Position well outdistanced the little bird on a baking-pan dressed in paper oven and bake them to 180° for 30 minutes around and however up to the perfect gilding. According to tradition of Cermignano this is the typical dessert of Sant'Antonio Abate (17 January) and of parties; in winter is used to end meal drenched with vin brulé, vino cotto or Montepulciano of Abruzzo.