Le ceppe al sugo

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It is a typical dish of the Civitella del Tronto culinary tradition, it is deal with handmade bucatini, obtained by wrapping the dough around a stick. They are considered one of the best homemade pasta in Abruzzo, but even more "risk of extinction" because of the complex manual skills necessary for their Preparation. To create the hole in the spaghetti usually the housewives used a small thin wood stick (the ‘ceppa’). The ‘ceppa’ has been currently replaced by a thin stainless steel wire. You can taste a plate of ceppe with sauce in almost all the restaurants in the area of ​​Civitella del Tronto, but it is harder to purchase this type of fresh pasta because it is not for sale in any store, just some women from the city they still make.
Curiosity: The ‘maccheroni’ with the ceppe owe their name to a legend set during a siege of the ‘Fortezza di Civitella’ (Fortress of Civitella), according to which this pasta was invented by a military chef  who, not having suitable tools, used a small thin wood stick for the Preparation.


Put the flour on a surface forming a fountain, add the whole eggs and the water to taste and knead the dough to obtain a homogeneous dough than grease it with oil and let it rest in a bowl for 30 minutes. Split the dough into many equal pieces and make "maccheroni" of about 15 cm lenght. Wrap the dough around a thin, non-chromed socking iron and then carefully remove it,to leave the hole inside the ‘maccherone’. Boil the water adding a touch of oil that will prevent the strains from sticking together, salt the water, put the pasta in boiling water and cook it for 10/15 minutes.
Drain the pasta, season it with plenty of meat sauce and put grated pecorino or parmesan as topping. There are many variations of this pasta, all of them very tasty and also suitable for the most delicate and refined palates. One of these is the one with the zucchini trifolati, pine nuts and onion.