I Cannelloni

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Teramo’s traditional stuffed pasta.


The inside: boil the spinach in salty water, drain and dry them up with a cloth. Mingle the meat with two yolks, nutmegsalt, pepper, parmesan and coocked spinach. Prepare the ragù with tomato, minced  meat, butter, olive oil¸carrot, onions and cook it for an hour, at least.
The crust:  dispose the flour on the table making a fountaine, add up 4 white eggs and water to taste. Work the dough until you obtain a soft consistence. Stretch the crust and slice  it in little squares (about 20 by 20 cm.). Put the stuffing onto the squares shape crust and roll them up. Make the tin greasy with the butter, put the stuffed cannelloni and cook it in 180° C for 20 minutes. Enjoy your meal!


Ingredients (for 6 people)
500gr of flour, 6 eggs, 500gr of mixed meat, 100gr of grated parmesan, nutmeg to taste, salt (a touch) and pepper, butter.