Chitarra alla Teramana

Considered the Teramo dish of pasta par excellence. Its name is due to to the tool used to cut the dough and form  the pasta: the “Chitarra" (guitar).


Put the flour on a surface, forming a fountain, add the whole eggs, knead the dough to obtain a soft consistency. Roll out a dough not too thin and cut into rectangles 60 cm lenght and 20 width. Place each rectangle on the strings of the guitar and press with a rolling pin to get the ‘chitarra’ pasta. For the Preparation of the sauce, first of all, you need to make the "pallottine": small meat balls of about 0.5 cm. in diameter made up of  minced meat, a little salt, a grated nutmeg, parmesan and egg. Once ready you can either boil the meatballs in boiling broth, even vegetable or just water (if you want) to make them  lighter or fry them to make them even tastier. However, as regards the sauce, finely chop onion, celery and carrots and let them pan-fry in a little oil. Then add the tomato and about 20 later add  the pallottine. Let boil a lot of water over high heat, add salt and pour the ‘chitarra’ as soon as the water is boiling. As soon as the guitar comes afloat , drain it and stop cooking putting a little cold water and then immediately season with the hot sauce and serve it. Eventually you can serve it with  some  Parmesan and add ing a few drops of oil in which it was previously pan-fried a little chopped  chilli.


Ingredients (for 6 people)
700 gr. about flour, 6 whole eggs (considerate 1 egg per person), 200 gr. of lamb, 200 gr. of lean pork, 3 large boxes of peeled tomatoes (or 2 bottles of a liter of tomato sauce), 1 glass of oil, 1 small onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery, nutmeg to taste, salt to taste, Parmesan at will and the "guitar" -tool available in any market in Abruzzo.