Brodetto alla giuliese

Tasty fish dish typical of the Giulianova area.


Fry the herbs in extra-virgin oil using a large pan, add the tomato chopped in small pieces (we recommend tomatoes rather unripe) and boil.
Cut the cuttlefish into strips and leave them cook in the sauce.
When the cuttlefish is ready, add the fish, the spider fish, a few pieces of pepper (do not overdo with the amount of it).
Before the cooking of these INGREDIENTS  is completed, add the cod, the surmullet, the sole and then the mussels, the clams and the prawns. Cook everything for other 45 minutes and serve hot (if possible in earthen bowls). Enjoy your meal!

Ingredients (for 6 people)
4 kg. of a mix of surmullet, cod, turbot, monkfish, dogfish, cuttlefish, spider fish (commonly called "ragnolo" and belonging to the family of trachinids), shrimps, clams and mussels, 200 gr. of oil, chopped tomatoes, parsley, garlic, hot pepper, salt q. s. and if you like some pepper strips.