Valle Castellana: routes

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On horseback
From Leofara to Ceppo
The excursion departs from Leofara (1074 ms), situated in Valle Castellana. Crossing an ancient path, used in Roman period  as "shortcut" of Salaria, you go toward the ...
On horseback
From Monte Fanum to Leofara
The excursion start from Fanum mountain (960 ms), ancient necropolis, and it finishes to Leofara, small and suggestive suburb in the heart of Monti della Laga.  Piola ...
On foot
Gole del Salinello
The excursion start from Macchia da Sole (910 ms) through Gole del Salinello place that unites history, culture and nature of the two slopes of Gemelli mountains. ...
On foot
L'anello di San Giacomo
The itinerary start from San Giacomo, city of Valle Castellana, situated on Gemelli Mountains. From there you can climb through the thin wood to meet one of stone huts, ...
By bike By car By motorbike
Torricella Sicura, Cortino, Rocca San Maria, Valle Castellana
If you have had the opportunity to cross the precedent itinerary from "Giulianova to Teramo" or if you are on the coast, we recommend you to continue the trip to ...