Tossicia: routes

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By bike
By bicycle in Valle Siciliana
Starting from Montorio al Vomano (264 ms) toward Isola del Gran Sasso crossing S.S. 491. This area is pleasantly for cycling and the panorama improves it along the way. ...
By bike By car By motorbike
Castel Castagna, Colledara, Tossicia
Teramo province allows to move from the sea to the distance mountain in no time. Are you near the coast? We propose you an itinerary to discover the ancient Valle ...
On horseback
The riding of Gran Sasso
Departing from the Polyvalent Tourist Center "Sella del Gigante" of Tossicia  you direct toward the small country of Pastino. Continuing on the path you arrive in the ...
By bike
To the foot of Gran Sasso
Starting  from Prati di Tivo, take the road that brings to Cima Alta. The run, that is initially asphalted it becomes excavated and the road finishes in Laghetta. Here ...