Church of San Francesco

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It is located near the bridge that connects Villa Vomano, modern village of Teramo, and Val Vomano, a hamlet of Penna Sant'Andrea. Built in 1934 by the will of Giovanni De Nardis in memory of his father Francesco, it looks like a massive building with a gabled roof and a portal framed in stone surmounted by a pointed arched lunette in turn dominated by a large round window framed in stone too. The bell tower has a final spire and is reinforced with a shoe base. Inside there are some pointed arches in brick that mark the only hall and the ceiling is covered with bricks painted with floral motifs and the coat of arms of the De Nardis family.

Church of San Francesco
Frazione Villa Vomano, 64100 Teramo TE
Lat: 42.610913
Lng: 13.762288