Church of San Domenico

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It is a church with an imposing structure that is located along the Porta Romana course. In all probability it was built in the mid-1300s even if today it appears in the structure given to it by the restoration of the beginning of the 20th century. It is completely in brick and the entrance portal is of fine workmanship, also seen from the lunette in which some fragments of frescoes from the fifteenth century originally placed inside have been relocated.

The interior is characterized by a single nave with several gothic arches and a gabled wooden ceiling. On the walls you can see many frescoes of the fifteenth century that account for some moments in the life of San Domenico and that had been unfortunately covered by the plaster of a previous restoration.

Of notable interest and beauty is the Chapel of the Rosary, dating back to the eighteenth century and adjacent to the Church, frescoed by Gilberto Todini with stuccoes by Clerici. As for the adjoining Dominican convent of the fourteenth century, there are the arches of the cloister with some lunettes painted by the Polish painter Sebastiano Majewski. The complex, closed at the beginning of the nineteenth century as a result of the Napoleonic edict, was returned to the Dominican Friars in 1931.

Church of San Domenico
Corso Porta Romana, 64100 Teramo TE
Lat: 42.657067
Lng: 13.700742