Church of San Berardo

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It is located in the populous and popular district of San Berardo and is a new building, built in the fifties of the twentieth century. It has a powerful structure, almost entirely in brick, with a portico made up of five round arches, three of which are placed frontally and the other two on the sides and which shelters the three entrance portals. The façade is completed by two tall, narrow windows and a large round window, all elements embellished with glass mosaics. On the back there is a squat bell tower with a square plan. The interior is very large and consists of a single room that ends with a completely frescoed apse of considerable size and with a presbytery area raised by a few steps.

Church of San Berardo
Via Palermo, 21, 64100 Teramo TE
Lat: 42.664722
Lng: 13.720596