Castelli Palace ( Muzii House )

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It is a fine Art Nouveau building in the historic center, built by the Muzii family at the beginning of the twentieth century and completed in 1908. Today the building is called Castelli, as the current owner is Mrs. Magdalena Castelli, who in 1986 had important restoration work. The structure of the building is on four levels and is flanked by a lower two-storey body topped by a terrace. The first and second floor of the building are framed by pilasters with capitals decorated with ornaments, arabesques and festoons, while the rectangular windows are embellished with decorations made of stucco that show floral inspiration typically Art Nouveau. Between the windows of the fourth floor and the last level there is a remarkable pictorial cycle with scenes concerning the Roman goddess of flowering Flora and the Roman goddess of Pomona fruits, which is also protected by a massive and interesting inlay of inlaid wooden eaves .

Castelli Palace ( Muzii House )
Corso Cerulli, 64100 Teramo (TE)
Lat: 42.658174
Lng: 13.705800