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At the edge of the Kingdom: from Teramo to Monti della Laga
Departing from Teramo you cross the Piceno Aprutina, in direction of Ascoli Piceno. Later around 8 km you reach Campli  and the plain of Campovalano where there is the ...
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Giulianova, Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Bellante, Teramo
If you are in Giulianova, one of the principal seaside resorts of Teramo, you will find uncontaminated treasures. Giulianova is a Roman colony founded in a strategic ...
On the train
Itineraries on rails. Along the strong road teramo-giulianova
Teramo stationIts construction goes up at the end of 1800 and today the building still preserves the characteristics having been restructured in the full respect of the ...
By car
La Via Cecilia
The realization of the Cecilia consular road date back to the 293 to. C. and the conquest of the territory Sabino and Pretuzio, conducted by Toothed Manio Curio with a ...
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The highlands of transhumance
Departing from Teramo go toward Montorio al Vomano crossing the S.S.80 for 800 ms in slope toward Frondarola. Once you reach Rocciano crossroad the road  begins to go ...
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The ring around Teramo hills
It is  brief itinerary that runs through Contrada Mezzanotte, a road that overhangs Teramo and offers an unique view. The principal stages of this itinerary are: Teramo, ...
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The ring at the edge of the Kingdom
The itinerary departs from the Teramo hills and it finishes in the zone of Gemelli Mountains. It deals with a brief run that gives great satisfactions for the variety of ...