Montorio al Vomano: routes

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By bike
By bicycle in Valle Siciliana
Starting from Montorio al Vomano (264 ms) toward Isola del Gran Sasso crossing S.S. 491. This area is pleasantly for cycling and the panorama improves it along the way. ...
By car By motorbike
From Val Vomano to Gran Sasso
The run begins in Montorio al Vomano, considered a real "showcase" of the beautiful panoramas of Teramo hinterland. You can see medieval buildings as Marchesale ...
By car
La Via Cecilia
The realization of the Cecilia consular road date back to the 293 to. C. and the conquest of the territory Sabino and Pretuzio, conducted by Toothed Manio Curio with a ...
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Penna Sant'Andrea, Basciano, Montorio, Fano Adriano-Pietracamela, Crognaleto
We continue the trip along Val Vomano. Once you reach Val Vomano and take the SS81 toward Penna Sant'Andrea. Here there is the regional natural Reserve "Castel Cerreto" ...
By bike
The highlands of transhumance
Departing from Teramo go toward Montorio al Vomano crossing the S.S.80 for 800 ms in slope toward Frondarola. Once you reach Rocciano crossroad the road  begins to go ...