Abbey of San Giovanni ad Insulam

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Located on a hill at whose feet the river Mavone flows, it was built around 1100 and then modified at the end of the 13th century by the Benedictines of Montecassino and is a shining example of Romanesque architecture in Abruzzo.

It has a beautiful square stone facade with horizontal crowning, with a large central circular window, two mullioned windows on the sides of the entrance portal and decoration with hanging arches on shelves that runs along the entire external perimeter of the building.

On the left stands a large bell gable. The interior is absolutely beautiful. There are three naves, separated by six arches on each side, with a stairway in the middle of the central nave and a single final apse.

Below the presbytery there is a very spacious crypt, perhaps from the end of the eleventh century, also with three naves with cross vaults. Next to the church there are ruins, certainly remains of an ancient monastery that has now been lost.

Abbey of San Giovanni ad Insulam
SP491, 68, 64045 Isola del Gran SassoTE
Lat: 42.520029
Lng: 13.684821