Civitella del Tronto: routes

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By bike
At the edge of the Kingdom: from Teramo to Monti della Laga
Departing from Teramo you cross the Piceno Aprutina, in direction of Ascoli Piceno. Later around 8 km you reach Campli  and the plain of Campovalano where there is the ...
On foot
Gole del Salinello
The excursion start from Macchia da Sole (910 ms) through Gole del Salinello place that unites history, culture and nature of the two slopes of Gemelli mountains. ...
On horseback
On horseback on Monti Gemelli
The excursion concerns Campli mountain, famous for its characteristic form to horseshoe composed by two different blocks,  Monticchio and Foltrone Mountain, separated by ...
By bike
The ring at the edge of the Kingdom
The itinerary departs from the Teramo hills and it finishes in the zone of Gemelli Mountains. It deals with a brief run that gives great satisfactions for the variety of ...
By car
Tra-monti Spirituali
Abruzzo is a populated earth of myths and legends, wild landscapes and spiritual places. The hermitages and the abbeys are numerous, all united by the sense of ...