Abbey of Santa Maria in Montesanto

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Although its foundation is not easily dated, tradition has it that it dates back to 542 by the work of San Benedetto Abate, however a first written historical testimony speaks of the year one thousand. At the beginning of the avenue leading to the Abbey there are two marble Angels and then a series of symbolic figures reproducing scenes from the Old Testament.

Arrived at the square on which stand the church and the convent is placed a marble group depicting Pietro del Morrone, or Pope Celestino V. If in the thirteenth century it was undoubtedly one of the most important convent complex of the district, then began to decline to fall into disgrace at the end of the fifteenth century and even to be suppressed in 1797.

At the beginning of the 90s, starting from the ruins still standing, the current buildings were slowly rebuilt, ie the Church of Santa Maria in clear Romanesque style, the square-shaped bell tower also it is a Romanesque detached from the church and united with the Abbey itself. The church building is austere, with a floral decoration from 1622 on the arch key of the side entrance and has a single nave inside.

Abbey of Santa Maria in Montesanto
64010 Civitella del Tronto TE
Lat: 42.786967
Lng: 13.654035