Tower of Montegualtieri

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The tower, whose construction dates back to the fifteenth century, is located in the hamlet of Montegualtieri, is about 18 m high and is characterized by the unique triangular section plan. In Abruzzo only the Sutrium tower, in Bussi sul Tirino, has the same stylistic characteristics.

It was erected for defensive needs, sighting and control as it guarantees an excellent view of the valley below. The fortification, which rests on a rocky spur, has a wall facing the inhabited center, while the other two faces look towards the Vomano river and the valley.

Inside the tower is almost completely empty and you can access the upper part of the building through a wooden staircase. At the top there is a valuable battlements with the slits resting on protruding arches.

Tower of Montegualtieri
Montegualtieri, Via Torrone, 41, 64037 TE
Lat: 42.615754
Lng: 13.821402