Bell tower (or clock)

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Located in front of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the most important square of Basciano, has a large arched door (Porta Penta) which was the main entrance to the wall fortifications. It is in the characteristic style of the eighteenth century and has large angular parastons that hold the cornices, on the upper square there is the clock and above a roof covering there is a small bell tower with a bell. The tower bears the following inscription: Protege You Micheal Basciani Moenia Skin Daemonis Insidias Noxia Cuncta Escape, that is, "You Michael protect the walls of Basciano away the snares of the devil escape all evil".

Bell tower (or clock)
Via Milano, 64030 Basciano TE
Lat: 42.594279
Lng: 13.740191